Shark is in a beta stage. Programs can be written and they run. We use it in our education at HTW Berlin. We constantly work on our documentation, see section SharkFW. We put most of our - limited - efforts to SharkNet which shall become a fully distributed mobile P2P social network. SharkNet is currently a collection of ideas, GUI elements and technical studies. We urgently look for funding and/or volunteers who share our dream of an open network free from espionage.

Application developer

The project is open for joining of course. Read the developers guide and try to write an application. If you find mistakes or don't understand the developers guide: Send an e-mail. We make corrections and answer as soon as possible.

SharkNet developer

The Shark framework is made by students from HTW Berlin and other enthusiasts. There is no big company beyond that project. We belief in the framework. SharkNet is going to be became a fully distributed and mobile system that completely lacks any server in its infrastructure. Espionage as revealed by Mr. Snowden won't be possible with SharkNet. SharkNet concepts are pretty clear. The way from concepts to stable running code is still to be made, though. Help to implement SharkNet - the P2P mobile social network. If you have at least some experiences with Java and Webdevelopment and/or Android join us. Any help is appreciated

Shark developer

The framework itself is beta software. There are a lot of open issues, though. If you interested in software architecture and feel home in discussions about design patterns and method signatures - you are warmly welcome.


We welcome any company who wants to create products based on Shark. Shark is open source under LGPL which means that you can build closed source commercial applications with Shark. LGPL was deliberately chosen to make that possible. Most Shark developers would even help.
That's an academic project. Most developers are students or graduates. Some of them could even be hired afterwards.


We can also teach you or your developers in the real of P2P programming. The Shark lectures which are given at university can also be made outside. You can chose between a quick starter day or a more detailed introduction to up a week. We can make it for free if you plan to create non commercial systems.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We understand English and German.